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Children's Room

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A typical Rococo Revival salon and formerly part of Empress Elisabeth’s apartments, this room today provides the setting for the famous likenesses of Maria Theresa’s daughters.

Hung here since the 1960s, these portraits led to the room being known as the Children’s Room.

Children's Room

The portrait displayed on the easel shows Maria Theresa in mourning. Born in 1717, she was the elder daughter of Emperor Charles VI, and while still very young fell in love with Franz Stephan of Lorraine, whom she eventually married in 1736. She gave birth to sixteen children, including eleven daughters and five sons, of whom eleven reached adulthood. This plethora of offspring enabled her to pursue a shrewd political course – with one exception her daughters were married off for reasons of state. Only Marie Christine was allowed to marry the man she loved, Duke Albert of Saxe-Teschen. 

A door in the Children’s Room opens onto the bathroom installed in 1917 for Zita of Bourbon Parma, the last empress of Austria.

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