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Breakfast Cabinet

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This little corner room owes its pleasing character to the textile flower pictures set into the wall panelling in gilt frames.

The colourful flower medallions are an example of how members of Maria Theresa’s family contributed to the décor of the palace.

Contemporary sources indicate that these needlework pictures were made by Empress Elisabeth Christine, the mother of Maria Theresa.

The pictures are not painted but made from small pieces of fabric applied onto a background of silk moiré. They display a surprising delight in detail: one can make out insects disporting themselves on the leaves.

Accents of colour are also provided by small porcelain objects placed on consoles above the door and mirror.

At the centre of the room is a breakfast table laid with porcelain from the Count Thun Porcelain Manufactory in Klösterle (Klášterec) in Bohemia from the holdings of the former Court Silver and Table Room.

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