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At the various Schönbrunn Group sites a total of eight shops offering a wide range of items allow you to enjoy a truly imperial shopping experience.

Products range from small souvenirs to exquisite luxury items, offering something to suit every taste.

The selection of goods focuses on the development of our own products, which uniquely combine contemporary elements with innovative design.

These in-house product lines allow us to showcase the value and exclusivity of the Schönbrunn brand, giving visitors the opportunity to take home a reminder of their visit.


Our product lines:

  1. Sisi Rosen
  2. Schönbrunn
  3. Bergl-Zimmer

Our Publications

Exhibition Catalogue Imperial Weddings

Weddings at the Viennese Court were remarkable for their extravagant pomp and circumstance. This publication casts light on happenings behind the scenes of Habsburgian marriage politics. Topics include the choice of potential marital partners and the procedures involved in the festivities, beginning with courtship and continuing all the way to the wedding banquet.


Technical data:

Title: Imperial Weddings: When Habsburgs get married

Autors: Katrin Harter, Martin Mutschlechner, Birgit Schmidt-Messner
Edition: 2023
Design: Capitale Design Studio
Print: Kral Verlag Berndorf, printed in the EU
ISBN: 978–3–903448–43–8

Schloss Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsg. m. b. H.
Project management: Helmut Pichler, Bernadette Krischke

Price: € 9.90 (available in the Schönbrunn Group Shops)


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