The Crown Prince Apartment

Rooms on the Ground Floor

Crown Prince Rudolf, the only son of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth, used this suite of rooms on the ground floor of the palace as a private apartment during his stays in Schönbrunn.

The Crown Prince Apartment

In four rooms of this apartment on the east side of the palace, one can see landscape paintings that offer wide views of idyllic landscapes that seem to stretch endlessly into the depths. Cities and palaces can be seen in the distance. The landscapes are accentuated by statues, vases and fountains in the antique, classicist style, as well as depictions of exotic animals and plants.

The imaginative design of the rooms goes back to Johann Wenzel Bergl. Starting from 1774, Bergl furnished this suite of rooms for a daughter of Maria Theresa, Archduchess Elisabeth, who remained unmarried at the Viennese court. In 1857 the landscape paintings were restored and completed by the painter Ludwig Geyling. At that time, groups of dense trees and shrubs were added to the scenery of a rather southern character.

The spatial boundaries are dissolved by trees, whose crowns reach into the sky obscuring the transitions between the walls and the ceiling. As a result, the relatively small rooms appear airy and wide.

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