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Small Gallery

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Built at the same time as the Great Gallery, the Small Gallery was used for minor family celebrations during the reign of Maria Theresa.

During the course of restoration work carried out in 1999/2000, the stucco marble finish of the original décor from the reign of Maria Theresa in the mid-1740s was revealed.
Barely ten years later, this was replaced by the glossy white finish with rich gilt rocaille work that characterizes the room today.

The small Gallery

The ceiling fresco by Gregorio Guglielmi was also executed during the course of this second refurbishment, which took place when the Great Gallery was being remodelled.

In order to convey an authentic impression of the room, the sconces – as in many other rooms on the piano nobile – have been fitted with special bulbs which imitate the flickering effect of candlelight.  

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