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Half-concealed to either side of the Small Gallery lie two highlights among the historic state rooms of the palace: two cabinets lying opposite each other in mirror-image, both decorated with a rich array of works of art from China and Japan.

Precious lacquer panels are set into the white wooden panelling. Issuing from their gilt frames are small consoles supporting a multitude of porcelain objects, the wealth and variety of which can only be appreciated on closer inspection.

Round Chinese Cabinet

Set into the white-painted wall panelling with richly gilded rocaille decoration are lacquer panels of various shapes and sizes. Painted in maki-e technique with gold dissolved into the lacquer, these works depict architecture and landscapes, motives from Chinese mythology and genre scenes.  The rich decor of the room is complemented by figures, vases and other vessels made of porcelain, which recent research has confirmed as deriving from China and Japan.

Other notable elements are the ormolu Rococo chandeliers with enamel floral decorations which date from the same era. The precious floorings made of various exotic and native timbers are remarkable for their intricate inlaid patterns.

Small Gallery
Oval Chinese Cabinet
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