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Porcelain Room

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This small room served Maria Theresa as a private writing room. It has a particularly private character and bears witness to the monarch’s personal tastes. The décor not only displays the empress’s love of the chinoiserie fashion of the times but was partly made by members of her family.

A dedicatory inscription on one of the small framed gouaches attests that members of Maria Theresa’s immediate family contributed to the décor of the Porcelain Cabinet.

The décor of the Porcelain Room as it appears today dates back to 1763/64. The carved wooden decoration painted blue and white in imitation of porcelain covers the whole room. In keeping with Maria Theresa’s taste, there are numerous chinoiserie elements such as the semi-sculptural parasols below the cornice.

The wall panelling is articulated by floral garlands, hanging between which are 212 gouache pictures in blue. They depict genre scenes painted by members of Maria Theresa’s family after models by the French artists François Boucher and Jean-Baptiste Pillement. These were mounted and hung in 1772 to complete the ensemble.

The family members who contributed to the décor are remembered here in four framed portrait medallions depicting Franz Stephan, Archduchess Marie Christine and her husband Prince Albert of Saxe-Teschen, and Crown Prince Joseph’s first wife Isabella of Parma. Scenes from the festivities accompanying their wedding can be seen in the Hall of Ceremonies.

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