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Porcelain Room

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The décor of the Porcelain Room as it appears today dates back to 1763, when the room was used by Maria Theresa as her study. A typical example of chinoiserie, the painted wood panelling and the carved blue and white framing were intended to imitate porcelain, which was highly prized in the eighteenth century.

Integrated into the wood panelling are 213 delicately framed blue gouache paintings. These are copies of originals by the French artists François Boucher and Jean Pillement made by the children of the imperial couple Franz Stephan and Maria Theresa.


During the course of restoration work carried out in 2013, the surfaces of the wood panelling and the carved decorations were cleaned in order to re-establish the porcelain-like impression of the room as a whole in its original quality.

For reasons of conservation the blue gouaches – hitherto erroneously referred to as ink drawings – will not be restored for the time being and instead will be subject to longer-term monitoring. The objective is to develop a gentle method that can subsequently be used to treat the strong brown discoloration of the works.

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