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Eastern Terrace Cabinet

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This small room is also referred to as the Flower Cabinet in archival sources on account of the garlands of flowers painted on its wall panelling.

The Eastern Terrace Cabinet is one of the most cheerful rooms in the palace at Schönbrunn.

The Eastern Terrace Cabinet looks out onto the cour d’honneur and in its location and size mirrors the Terrace Cabinet in the West Wing of the palace. The French window gives access to a terrace above the arcades linking the main building with the ancillary wings. When this room was part of the suite occupied by Archduchess Sophie and Archduke Karl, an awning was set up on the terrace. The room itself was decorated with pot plants and furniture with pale-coloured upholstery, which additionally emphasized its airy and welcoming character.

On the ceiling is a remarkable fresco, painted around 1770. The trompe l’oeil architecture in the delicate palette of the Rococo opens up to reveal a view of skies populated with putti disporting themselves at play.

The garlands of flowers on the wall panelling were painted, probably at the same time, by Johann Zagelmann.

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