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Rich Room

Grand Tour

Until recently it was thought that Emperor Franz Joseph was born in this room in 1830.

However, according to the latest research, these north-facing rooms were occupied until 1835 by Crown Prince Ferdinand and his wife Maria Anna. Until that time Franz Joseph’s parents had a suite of rooms along the east side of the palace at their disposal.

The green wallpaper with printed leaf decoration exposed during the planning stage of refurbishing this room to museum standards dates from the time around 1830, when this room served as Ferdinand and Maria Anna’s bedroom.

Surviving Bed

Exhibited in this room today is the only surviving bed of state from the Viennese court. Completed at the time of Maria Theresa’s marriage, it was originally set up in the empress’s apartments in the Leopoldine Wing of the Vienna Hofburg. The sumptuous bed with its hangings of red velvet embroidered in gold thread has matching wall hangings with embroidered architectural elements. Until 1947 the bed stood in the so-called Rich Room of the Hofburg, but was dismantled and put into storage when this part of the Hofburg became the office of the Federal President of Austria. It was reassembled and set up at Schönbrunn for a temporary exhibition about Maria Theresa in 1980. 
Just under twenty years later it underwent complete restoration and the room was redesigned as a kind of museum display case in order to afford this important but highly fragile textile ensemble the greatest possible protection.

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Study and Salon of Franz Karl
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