State Apartments

Schönbrunn Palace

State Apartments

Here you’ll see unique interior ensembles with grand halls and exquisite cabinets, giving you an impression of courtly display at the time of Maria Theresa as well as insights into the monarch’s personal tastes.

The Ceremonial Rooms at the Centre of the Palace

The State Apartments include the Great and Small Galleries with their magnificent stuccowork and frescos. Both rooms formed the festive setting for ceremonial events, balls and private family celebrations from the time of Maria Theresa to the early twentieth century. The ‘Chinese Cabinets’ are an impressive example of Maria Theresa’s love of precious items from East Asia. Large-format paintings provide an impressive record of important events in the reign of the monarch that influenced the course of European politics and were intended to be commemorated for posterity. For reasons of conservation, both of these precious Cabinets can only be viewed through glass doors. 

Price from 2 April 2024
Adults€ 22.00
Children (aged 6 - 18)€ 14.00
Students (aged 19 - 25)*€ 20.00
Disabled people*€ 20.00
School groups (aged 6 - 18)*€ 9.00

Please note that while no guided tours are available for State Apartments, free AUDIO GUIDES/PRINTED DESCRIPTIONS are provided.

Duration: c. 25 mins


Important Information

*To take advantage of STUDENT CONCESSIONS an international student identity card (ISIC) must be presented. In the case of groups of students a signed document of confirmation bearing the stamp of the university or other tertiary education institution must be presented (DOWNLOAD FORM).

In the case of SCHOOL GROUPS (10 pupils and above) a signed document of confirmation bearing the stamp of the school must be presented (DOWNLOAD FORM).

DISABILITY DISCOUNT with valid ID. Admission is free for a person accompanying a blind/vision-impaired visitor or a wheelchair user, provided that a companion person is included in the disabled visitor’s ID. 

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