Combined Ticket: Children's Museum + Maze + Zoo

Combined Ticket: Children's Museum + Maze + Zoo

Children’s Museum Schönbrunn Palace
In the Children’s Museum Schönbrunn Palace you can learn all sorts of fascinating things about the everyday life of the imperial children. How did they dress? What about personal hygiene? Besides which, you can learn the language of fans. And of course there’s all the fun of dressing up.

Irrgarten & Labyrinth & Labyrinthikon Playground
The Maze was planned after a historical model on a total area of 1,715 m². In its centre is an observation platform and two strength-giving harmony stones. The Labyrinth, restored according to historical plans, is an irresistible invitation to explore. It has entertaining games for visitors big and small to try out on a total space of 2,700 m². The Labyrinthikon was designed by the playground expert Günter Beltzig and is a playground for experimenting and high jinks appealing to all generations – whether children or the young at heart. 

Schönbrunn Zoo
Schönbrunn Zoo is the oldest zoo in the world! Part of a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site with the imperial summer residence of Schönbrunn Palace at its centre, it provides a unique blend of culture and nature, while promoting conservation and biodiversity. The zoo’s special appeal comes from its imperial charm.

Bring your children and enter into a world of adventure in Schönbrunn Palace; make the most of our new combiticket with a visit to the Children’s Museum Schönbrunn Palace with Maze, Labyrinth, Labyrinthikon Playground and the Schönbrunn Zoo!

Adults€ 35.00 
Children (aged 6 -18)€ 25.00 

Children aged under 14 wishing to visit the Maze & Labyrinth must be accompanied by an adult.


Important Information

Children aged 3 to 5 only need a ticket for the Children’s Museum Schönbrunn Palace.

Valid for one year from date of issue, single admission to all included attractions; for maze please take into account the seasonal opening hours!

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