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The Children's Museum Schönbrunn Palace is situated on the ground floor of the palace (west wing). The Children's Museum Schönbrunn Palace is not just for children but for families and all those who want to learn more about the everyday life of the imperial family.

A time wheel helps you to see the difference between imperial children and children from ordinary homes. You can play with toys from the past, learn the secret language of fans, and set the imperial dining table! If you take part in a themed tour you’ll learn lots of interesting and amusing things about the past: What kind of food did they eat in imperial times? How long has Schönbrunn Palace been there, and was it always as big as it is today? And then afterwards you can dress up as a prince or princess.

In the Children’s Museum at Schönbrunn Palace there are loads of things to discover about the everyday life of the imperial children:

  • How did they dress?
  • How was the imperial dining table set?
  • What did they do about personal hygiene?
Price from 1 April 2023
Adults€ 8.50
Children (aged 3 - 18)€ 8.50
Disabled people*€ 7.50
Children groups (aged 3 - 18)€ 7.00


Tickets for the Children's Museum have FIXED ADMISSION TIMES. Therefore, there may be waiting times during busy periods.Purchase your tickets online in advance to secure your desired time slot.

DISABILITY DISCOUNT with valid ID. Admission is free for a person accompanying a blind/vision-impaired visitor or a wheelchair user, provided that a companion person is included in the disabled visitor’s ID. 

In the case of SCHOOL GROUPS (10 pupils and above) a signed document of confirmation bearing the stamp of the school must be presented (DOWNLOAD FORM).

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