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Schönbrunn Palace

Grand Tour

Forty Rooms - Forty Fascinating Stories from Three Centuries
Taking in the exquisite rooms from the time of Maria Theresa, the Grand Tour extends and complements the Imperial Tour programme.

With their avowedly luxurious character, most of the rooms are also notable for their chinoiserie and East Asian decoration and furnishings, in particular the Blue Chinese Salon and the Vieux-Laque Room which follow the Hall of Ceremonies. The Vieux-Laque Room was turned into a memorial room following the death of Emperor Franz Stephan. The Porcelain Room is followed by the Feketin Room, given its name by Maria Theresa, which became known shortly after the end of the Monarchy as the Millions Room on account of its precious rosewood panelling. The Gobelin Salon is hung with exquisite Brussels tapestries. The tour concludes with the so-called Rich Room, where the only surviving bed of state from the Viennese court is displayed.

The Grand Tour is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Price incl. Audioguide** until 31 March 2023
Adults€ 26.00
Children (aged 6 - 18)€ 19.00
Students (aged 19 - 25)*€ 22.00
Disabled people*€ 22.00
School groups (aged 6 - 18)*€ 11.50
Price incl. Audioguide** from 1 April 2023
Adults€ 29.00
Children (aged 6 - 18)€ 21.00
Students (aged 19 - 25)*€ 24.00
Disabled people*€ 24.00
School groups (aged 6 - 18)*€ 11.50


*To take advantage of STUDENT CONCESSIONS an international student identity card (ISIC) must be presented. In the case of groups of students a signed document of confirmation bearing the stamp of the university or other tertiary education institution must be presented (DOWNLOAD FORM).

DISABILITY DISCOUNT with valid ID. Admission is free for a person accompanying a blind/vision-impaired visitor or a wheelchair user, provided that a companion person is included in the disabled visitor’s ID. 

In the case of SCHOOL GROUPS (10 pupils and above) a signed document of confirmation bearing the stamp of the school must be presented (DOWNLOAD FORM).

** including audio guide or printed description depending on availability.

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