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Study and Salon of Franz Karl

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This room together with the adjoining salon was occupied by Archduke Franz Karl, the father of Emperor Franz Joseph, from 1835 to 1878.

After his death these rooms were refurbished in the white, gold and red scheme typical of the Viennese court, with white-and-gold panelling and wall hangings of red court damask. From then until the end of the Monarchy they served as official reception rooms.

Study and Salon of Franz Karl

The paintings that hang in the former study bring us back to the time of Maria Theresa one last time. The famous family portrait by Martin van Meytens and his studio shows Emperor Franz Stephan, Maria Theresa and eleven of their sixteen offspring on the terrace at Schönbrunn.

Other paintings in this room show Elisabeth Christine, Maria Theresa’s mother, her sister Maria Anna and her husband Alexander of Lorraine, who was also the brother of Franz Stephan, and Countess Fuchs, Maria Theresa’s governess.

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