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Das Millionenzimmer

The Millions Room was given its name on account of the precious wall panelling made from an exotic type of tropical rosewood that was called ‘Fekatin’ or ‘Vicatin’.

Originally known as the Feketin Room, it served Maria Theresa as a private reception room. Before that it had been a small cabinet of mirrors, created when the hunting lodge
was rebuilt as a summer residence. This décor was removed around 1763/1765 and the room was fitted with the precious wood panelling, richly articulated
with opulent framing elements of rocaille work, that one sees here today.

Set into the beautifully figured panelling are sixty collages composed from seventeenth-century Indo-Persian miniatures in cartouche-like frames.
It had been assumed that the collages were the work of Maria Theresa’s children, but recent research has been unable to confirm this.
Matching the collages on the walls are cartouche-shaped pictures above the cornice displaying Mogul-like scenes, partly
executed in fresco technique or on laminated vellum.

Miniatures Cabinet
From the Millions Room the visitor may view the Miniatures Cabinet, hung with numerous small watercolours and gouaches, some of them signed, which were executed
by Maria Theresa’s children and husband, Franz Stephan. The breakfast table is set with nineteenth-century porcelain from the holdings of the former Court Table and Silver Room.

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