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Gobelin Salon

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The room known as the Gobelin Salon belonged to the apartments occupied from 1837 to 1873 by Franz Joseph’s parents, serving Archduke Franz Karl, Emperor Ferdinand’s younger brother, and his wife, Sophie, as a drawing-room. Hung with a selection of formal family portraits, it was furnished in the Biedermeier style.

In 1873 the room was refurbished and the Biedermeier wallpaper replaced with eighteenth-century Brussels tapestries showing market and harbour scenes. Made to designs by David Teniers the Younger, they had been transferred to Vienna from the royal palace at Ofen (Budapest) in 1850.

These tapestries are complemented by the remarkable tapestry-upholstered chairs displaying representations of the twelve months of the year and the signs of the zodiac, which were added to the room’s furnishings at the same time.

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