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The Vieux Laque Room was the private study of Franz Stephan. Following his sudden death in 1765 Maria Theresa had it remodelled as a memorial room to her beloved husband.

The precious and extravagantly expensive decoration with black lacquer panels from the imperial manufactory in Peking (Beijing) was probably carried out to designs by the architect Isidor Canevale.
Originally produced as folding screens for the European market, these lacquer panels were cut down and incorporated into the walnut panelling. The restrained contours
of the framing decoration already herald the transition from Rococo to early Classicism.

Maria Theresa also commissioned several portraits for the room: the posthumous likeness of her husband by Pompeo Batoni, dated 1769, another by the same artist showing the couple’s sons
Joseph and Leopold in Rome, and one by Anton von Maron depicting Maria Ludovika, Leopold’s wife, with three of their children. 

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