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Ketterl Room

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The concealed door in the back wall of the study leads into the valet de chambre’s room.

This room is named after Eugen Ketterl, Franz Joseph’s legendary valet de chambre. Written after the end of the Monarchy, Ketterl’s memoirs provide interesting insights into the everyday life of the emperor and are a fund of quirky anecdotes.

The ‘chamber’ that Ketterl was in charge of formed the emperor’s personal household. Its staff, consisting of fourteen individuals, saw to Franz Joseph’s personal needs. Alongside Ketterl there were two other valets de chambre who worked in rotation. Two doorkeepers controlled access to the private chambers, while four ‘Büchsenspanner’ (strictly speaking, loaders who attended the Emperor while hunting) were engaged to provide personal assistance. Two servants and three chambermaids undertook household tasks.

Like that of the emperor, the valet de chambre’s day began very early. At 3.30 am, Ketterl woke the Emperor with the words: ‘I fall at your feet, Your Majesty, good morning!’, and assisted the emperor in getting dressed. At 5 am, he served breakfast. While the Emperor then started work on his files and papers, Ketterl attended to His Majesty’s wardrobe. At 9 am, the day’s audiences and meetings with officials began, interrupted by lunch, which Ketterl served at the emperor’s desk. In the evening, the valet de chambre prepared the Emperor’s wardrobe for receptions. When the Emperor went to bed, he helped the monarch with his evening ablutions.

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