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Emperor Franz Joseph’s Study

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The plain, rather modest furnishings in Franz Joseph’s study provide a complete contrast to the imposing décor of the Audience Chamber.

Numerous paintings and private photographs, including many of Empress Elisabeth, reveal the personal side of the emperor’s life.

Study Room

Here Franz Joseph began his work at five in the morning after rising at four. While he dealt with his papers simple meals were served to him at his desk at intervals. 
The emperor, who used to refer to himself as the first public servant of his state, thus spent a considerable part of his life at his desk.

The two large portraits show Emperor Franz Joseph at the age of thirty-three, and his wife, Elisabeth, popularly known by her nickname, ‘Sisi’, aged twenty-seven. 
Elisabeth became a legend in her own lifetime, a legend founded on her intelligence, independent spirit, extravagant nature and beauty that continues to this day. Misunderstood by the court, Elisabeth suffered increasingly from depression which worsened following the suicide of her son Rudolf at Mayerling.

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