Statues in the Great Parterre

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When the hill at Schönbrunn was landscaped it was decided to redesign the Great Parterre at the same time.

Mythological statues executed by Johann Wilhelm Beyer and his studio in 1777 were set up along the two lateral hedges. The planning was the result of fruitful cooperation between the sculptor and the court architect Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg.

Statues in the Great Parterre

Beyer and his team of sculptors created thirty-two statues of equal height on tall plinths representing mythological or historical figures, the majority of which were designed and executed after models from antiquity. The final siting of the statues was determined not by Beyer but by Johann Ferdinand Hetzendorf von Hohenberg as architect-in-chief responsible for the overall design of the gardens.

In 1945, under the supervision of the palace governor Josef Glaser, the statues were numbered from 1 to 32 on the side of the plinths to make the subjects easier to identify. The sequence starts at the eastern hedge in front of the palace façade and ends on the Hietzing or western side.

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