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Carriage Museum

In 1922 the most important part of the collection of carriages used by the imperial family and Viennese court, including state coaches, ceremonial and gala carriages, sleighs and sedan chairs, was transferred from the imperial court stables at the Vienna Hofburg (part of today’s Museumsquartier) to Schönbrunn and housed in the former winter riding school which had been specially adapted for this purpose.

One of the most famous exhibits in this famous and outstanding collection is the imperial coach which was probably built for the coronation of Joseph II in 1764 and from then onwards used for various imperial and royal Habsburg coronations. Richly decorated with ornate carving and painting by Franz Xaver Wagenschön, this splendid coach was drawn by eight greys; however, with a total weight of more than 4000 kg it could only proceed at a walking pace. For transport the coach was dismantled, shipped to its destination by water and then reassembled in situ.

You can obtain further information (opening hours, admission charges etc.) about the Carriage Museum on the website of the Kunsthistorischen Museum.

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