Arrival Centre

The Arrival Centre at Schönbrunn will allow all international and Austrian visitors – first and foremost the citizens of Vienna – improved and more attractive access to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Schönbrunn, whatever means of transport they use to arrive there.

48 + 230

Parking spaces for coaches and cars

The area offers 48 parking spaces for coaches and 230 for cars.



49% trees and grassed areas which include horse chestnut, whitebeam, Norway maple, oriental plane, small-leaved lime, upright field maple, common lime, red oak, ash, etc.

10 +

Electric charging station

On the are is a photovoltaic array of c. 1,200m² and around 10 electric car charging stations.



There is a Schönbrunn City Bikes docking station near the main entrance to the palace grounds.

Completion of the Schönbrunn Arrival Centre

Following the opening of Section One in 2019 with the Group Centre, coach park, canopied alighting point and landscaping offering visitors a comfortable arrival at Schönbrunn, we are pleased to announce that Section Two of the Arrival Centre Schönbrunn will open on 29 June 2020. Offering visitors car parking and electric vehicle charging stations, Section Two is also equipped with a photovoltaic array to promote sustainability.

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