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Stairs Cabinet

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The Stairs Cabinet served Empress Elisabeth as a writing room. Here she wrote her letters, journals and her poetry. The bookcase contains part of her personal library.

Until the end of the monarchy, this room contained a spiral staircase that led to Elisabeth’s garden apartments on the ground floor.

The rooms on the ground floor had the benefit of direct access to the Privy Garden. Comprising three rooms, the garden apartments was furnished and decorated in keeping with the empress’s personal taste. The upholstered seating was covered with richly embroidered silks and the wall coverings were in lilac, Elisabeth’s favourite colour.

The cast iron spiral staircase was installed for the empress in 1863, but removed after the end of the Monarchy. Today a photomontage serves as a reminder of this direct connection between the floors of the palace.

Hanging on the front wall of the room today is a reproduction of the posthumous portrait of Elisabeth painted by Friedrich August von Kaulbach, depicting the late empress as an ageless beauty.

Stairs Cabinet in the apartment of Empress Elisabeth in Schönbrunn Palace.

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