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Hunting Room

Grand Tour

Recalling Schönbrunn’s origins as an imperial hunting lodge, the Hunting Room marks the end of the tour of the main floor of the palace.

One of the paintings in this room is the earliest depiction of Schönbrunn as Emperor Joseph I’s hunting lodge.

Hanging between the windows of this room is an animal study by Johann Georg Hamilton entitled Partridges before Schönbrunn. Depicted in the background of this painting is the palatial hunting lodge designed for Joseph I as it looked before it was extensively remodelled under Maria Theresa.

Other paintings and objects in the display cases are devoted to the theme of hunting. Many members of the dynasty were keen sportsmen and women. Among the paintings showing members of Maria Theresa’s family in hunting dress are Franz Stephan, later the husband of Maria Theresa, as a boy, and the empress’s parents, Emperor Charles VI and Empress Elisabeth Christine. During Charles VI’s reign hunting enjoyed a heyday at the Viennese court.

Emperor Franz Joseph was also a keen sportsman. During the course of his long life the emperor bagged 55,000 items of game. He was thus often depicted in Alpine hunting dress in images that were intended for public consumption.

Salon of Archduke Franz Karl
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