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Irrgarten mit Schloß Schönbrunn © Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H, Photo: Julius Silver

The Maze at Schönbrunn was laid out around 1720 and originally had four quadrants with a central (probably elevated) pavilion. Consisting of paths between tall, narrow hedges without the dead-ends and false turns of a classic maze, it was intended to offer an inviting setting for a gentle stroll.

It was gradually abandoned and eventually cleared in 1892. 1999 saw the opening of the new Maze: extending over 1,715 m², it was reconstructed on the historical model with yew hedges.
At its centre again is a viewing platform, next to which two harmony stones with ‘energizing properties’ have been set up.

Reconstructed according to the original historical designs, the Labyrinth invites you to come and discover its secrets. Extending over an area of 2,700m², it offers plenty of games for visitors of all ages.
For example, using your fingers to solve mazes or hopping your way across bouncing boards. A giant kaleidoscope lets you see yourself from every possible and impossible angle. Athletic visitors can climb a ‘chiming climbing pole’ and ring the bell at the top.

For people who like a mental challenge there’s a mathematical riddle: numbers on stepping stones tell you how many steps you’re allowed to take – by the end you should find yourself right in the middle of the game.
And there’s a more complicated version for maths wizards! The Labyrinth is a playful place for visitors of all ages to relax and have fun.

Labyrinthikon Playground
Another highlight is the Labyrinthikon, designed by playground design expert Günter Beltzig: a playground of experimentation and fun for all generations.

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