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We offer an extensive programme for children and families:
You can visit the Children’s Museum Schönbrunn Palace, have a memorable children's birthday party, enjoy a special guided tour for children through the State Rooms, or a visit to the Maze with Labyrinth and Labyrinthikon Playground – in all casese, fun is guaranteed for the young and old alike at Schönbrunn Palace!

You can find all the details including dates, prices, times, etc. about our programme for children and schools in Schönbrunn Palace as well as in the Children’s Museum Schönbrunn Palace or on our Kaiserkinder website – the “Imperial Children” website.

Children’s Museum Schönbrunn Palace

Do you sometimes dream of slipping into the role and clothes of children from times long past and to re-enact their imperial lives? 

In the Children’s Museum Schönbrunn Palace there are so many interesting things to discover about the everyday life of the children in the Imperial family, the “Kaiserkinder”:

How did they dress? How was the Imperial table set? What about hygiene?

Find out the difference between imperial and ordinary children by using our time wheel. You can play with toys that were used in those days, you can learn the fan language – a fascinating secret language – and you can set the Imperial table!

If you take part in a theme tour you can discover a lot of interesting and fun things from the past: what food did people know about during imperial times? How old is the palace, and was it always this big?

And if you like, you can dress up as a prince or princess after the tour.

Another unforgettable experience is the children’s birthday party in Schönbrunn Palace. All the children wear fancy dresses, the birthday girl or boy dresses up as Empress Elisabeth or Emperor Franz Joseph. Afterwards the children are taken on a tour through the Imperial couple’s residential apartments in Schönbrunn and can discover a lot more about the life of Sisi and Franz Joseph.

Information and reservations:
Tel.: +43-1-811 13 - 239 or - 344

Maze, Labyrinth & Labyrinthikon Playground in Schönbrunn Palace Park

The Maze

Find the right way through the Baroque maze in Schönbrunn Palace Park!

Find the right way through the Baroque maze in Schönbrunn Palace Park! The maze was planned around 1720, but by 1892 it had been removed in stages. It was not until 9th September 1999 that the historically replicated new maze was finally re-opened on a total area of 1,715 m². There is a viewing platform in the centre and two energising harmony stones activated by the feng shui masters Jes and Julie Lim. According to feng shui, if you lay your hands on the stones it strengthens the energy flow and enhances inner harmony.


The Labyrinth

Reconstructed after historical plans, the Labyrinth today is an exciting invitation to a journey full of discoveries.

There are fun and games  on a total area of 2.700 m², waiting to be tried out by big and small. For instance, you can explore different labyrinth forms with your fingers, or master simple hopping tests. A giant kaleidoscope gives you the chance of “distorting” your reflection from all different sides. Sporty types can climb up a pole and ring the bell at the top. A maths puzzle awaits those looking for a mental challenge: numbers on the flagstones tell the number of steps you are allowed to take. At the end you have to land exactly in the middle of the game. But there are also more difficult variants you can try!

The Labyrinth is a place of play and recreation – fun for visitors of all ages.

The Labyrinthikon Playground

A unique highlight is the Labyrinthikon designed by playground design expert Günter Beltzig.

A playground for experimenting and frolicking around – both for children and ever playful grown-ups.

Admission prices and opening times

Children and School Groups in Schönbrunn Palace

We offer an extensive programme for children from pre-school age to higher grades.  There are guided tours and workshops on chosen themes illuminating the life of the Imperial Family in the palace for nearly all age groups in the Children’s Museum Schönbrunn Palace Experience, also guided tours for school classes through the State Rooms.  A visit to the Maze is the entertaining finale to a fascinating educational trip in Austria’s most visited sightseeing attraction.

You can find all information and details including attractions with age recommendation, dates, prices, times and reservations on our Kaiserkinder website – the Imperial Children website:

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