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Schönbrunn Palace

Dear visitors,
We are pleased to note your interest in Schönbrunn Palace. To enable you to enjoy your visit in the best possible way while at the same time ensuring the security of the listed building and its works of art, certain rules are unavoidable. By entering our site, you acknowledge the following house rules:

Admission charges & opening hours

The current opening hours and admission charges can be consulted at the cash desks in the visitor centre and on our website The purchase of an admission ticket entitles you to one admission to our attractions. The admission ticket shall be presented during the visit at the request of the supervisory staff. For reasons of security or renovation work, individual rooms may be closed if need be. The admission charge cannot be refunded after admission. Tickets purchased from the ticket machines or in the “Imperial Austria” online ticket shop ( can as a matter of principle not be refunded. There is no right of withdrawal / revocation. The charge payable for guided tours can in particular not be refunded if the visitors fail to present themselves for the start of the tour. Please ensure that you note the time of admission printed on your ticket, and that you appear at the gate in the main building at the right time. If you turn up late your ticket will no longer be valid. All special conditions and reductions can only be purchased at the cash desks. Original tickets are only available at our on-site cash desks, ticket machines and in the online ticket shop (combination tickets are also available from our partners). Vouchers or coupons are not admission tickets and for this reason must be exchanged for original tickets at the cash desks before admission.


Instructions by the supervisory staff must be complied with, otherwise the persons concerned can be prohibited from continuing their stay on the site. Parents or accompanying adults bear full and sole responsibility for supervising children and young persons and are responsible for the conduct of minors. The Schönbrunn Palace staff assumes no supervision responsibilities whatsoever for underage visitors. Similarly, accompanying teachers, group leaders etc are responsible for the conduct of the minors in their care. Children under 14 can only enter the exhibition rooms if accompanied and supervised by an adult. For persons with special needs, we offer barrier-free access to our attractions and numerous further services. Our staff will be pleased to inform you.

At the cloakroom

Admission to the exhibition rooms with bulky object of all kinds such as umbrellas, hiking sticks (with the exception of medically necessary walking aids), rucksacks, travel or sport bags is not permitted. The above-mentioned objects must be deposited at the cloakroom in the main building. If necessary, valuables can also be locked away separately in safes. Please contact the cloakroom staff. Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebs.ges.m.b.H. assumes no liability for objects deposited in the cloakroom, in particular not for valuables (cameras, lenses, spectacles etc), money or for damage caused by storage. Please therefore ensure that liquids for instance are secured. Damage incurred shall be notified immediately after receipt of the objects. Subsequent complaints cannot be taken into consideration. Found objects shall be deposited at the cloakroom, more valuable objects in the safe in the display room office. Objects not collected will be handed over to the lost-and-found office. Bicycles, scooters and other vehicle-like devices must not be taken into the display rooms. 

In the display rooms

Do not touch, damage or in any other way impair the exhibits and the wall panelling. Please maintain the necessary security distance of 50 cm from the works of art. Do not open or step over barriers. The premises must be kept clean. Eating and drinking is not permitted in the display rooms (closable water bottles can be carried). Out of respect for the other visitors, we ask you not to telephone or speak loudly in the display rooms. Smoking is prohibited throughout the interior of the Palace. Animals (with the exception of aid dogs) are not permitted in any part of the site. Photography and filming in the Palace are as a matter of principle not permitted. An authorisation for scientific or journalist purposes can be obtained from the marketing department at least three weeks before the filming or photography in return for a fee. Further information can be found on our website under the heading “Film and photo”.

Security and emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency, please contact the supervisory staff. For security reasons, the display rooms are monitored by cameras. By purchasing a ticket, the visitor consents to being filmed in the course of this monitoring and these film recordings being kept for security purposes. Schönbrunn Palace reserves the right to communicate these recordings to public authorities or the courts upon demand. In the event of an acoustic alarm, please contact the supervisory staff. Please keep calm and comply with the instructions of the supervisory staff and the tour guides. In such event, the lifts must not be used. Emergency exits are only to be used in the event of an emergency, and exits, stairways, passages and escape routes must be kept free of obstacles for safety reasons. If the house rules or the instructions of the supervisory staff are not complied with, the persons in question can be prohibited from continuing their stay in the building.

Park rules

The Park Rules of the Austrian Federal Gardens apply to the use of the Schönbrunn historic park. These rules are displayed together with the current park opening hours at all entrances to the park.


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