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Naiad Fountains
At the intersection of each of the two stelliform systems of avenues on either side of the park at Schönbrunn is a rondeau or circular open space containing
at its centre a pool with sculptural figures known as the Naiad Fountain.

Both groups of Naiads (spirits of springs and rivers who belonged to the sea-god Neptune’s followers) were created by Wilhelm Beyer. In the pool on the western side of the park,
which was sited in the Great Parterre until 1772, the Naiad plays with a sea creature, while her counterpart on the eastern side frolics with a water bird. Ranged around the perimeter
of each rondeau stand eight large Neoclassical marble vases on tall plinths executed by Johann Baptist Hagenauer.

Parade Court Fountains
In the Parade Court the figural groups in the basins of the two fountains that can be seen in the veduta paintings by Bernardo Bellotto were replaced in 1776 with new sculptures
that were originally intended for the Great Parterre. Executed by Johann Baptist Hagenauer, the statues in the eastern basin represent the kingdom of
Galicia and Lodomeria – which had only recently become a Habsburg possession – and Transylvania.

The group of figures in the western basin were made by Franz Anton Zauner and represent the rivers Danube, Inn and Enns.

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