There is a free Wi-Fi hotspot inside Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace, Freewave free Wi-Fi

How to use Freewave

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to Freewave.
  2. Launch your Webbrowser
    the Freewave welcome page appears.
  3. Click “Connect” — done!


Audio guides

Audio guides and tour descriptions

We provide (according to availability) our visitors with audio guides in 16 and/or tour descriptions in 21 languages free of charge. The audio guides are handed out to visitors after the turnstiles. 

No need to wait or queue for an audio guide!
You can download the spoken texts of our audio guides as zip-file or from itunes and yasssu onto your MP3 player, mobile/cell phone or iPod free of charge ready for your visit to Schönbrunn Palace.

LanguageMP3 Audiofile*PodcastiTunesyasssutour description
Arabiczip-File, 52 MB pdf-file, 1 MB
Chinesezip-File, 35 MBpdf-file, 389 kb
Germanzip-File, 32 MBpdf-file, 100 kb
Englishzip-File, 30 MBpdf-file, 100 kb
Frenchzip-File, 32 MBpdf-file, 101 kb
Greekpdf-file, 124 kb
Italianzip-File, 35 MBpdf-file, 79 kb
Japanesezip-File, 40 MBpdf-file, 4,9 MB
Koreanzip-File, 32 MBpdf-file, 380 kb
Croatianpdf-file, 83 kb
Netherlandspdf-file, 81 kb
Polishzip-File, 37 MBpdf-file, 93 kb
Portuguesepdf-file, 85 kb
Romanianzip-File, 32 MBpdf-file, 91 kb
Russianzip-File, 39 MBpdf-file, 212 kb
Serbianzip-File, 30 MBpdf-file, 86 kb
Slovenianpdf-file,  86 kb
Spanishzip-File, 31 MBpdf-file, 98 kb
Czechzip-File, 38 MBpdf-file, 95 kb
Turkishzip-File, 33 MBpdf-file, 128 kb
Hungarianzip-File, 32 MBpdf-file, 88 kb

*) each ZIP-file contains 36 mp3-files

Tip: Bring your own earphones to increase listening comfort. Our audioguides have a 3.5 mm socket for your earphones

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