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Frequently asked questions (FAQ´s)

In which languages are audioguides available?

We provide our visitors with audio guides in 12 languages and/or tour descriptions in 18 languages free of charge. The audio guides are handed out to visitors after the turnstiles.

audio & video guides and tour descriptions

Why is it no longer possible to enter the park via the main entrance of the palace, as its architect intended?

The closure of the central axis of the palace, which was accompanied by the roofing-over of the courtyards in the lateral wings, was carried out exclusively for reasons of conservation. Analysis of the results of intensive research into the climatic conditions in the palace revealed that the extremely strong cross-draughts created by the formerly open archways underneath the palace had been responsible for the serious damage to the fabric of the state rooms (and not, as had been previously assumed, the numbers of visitors). The extreme variations in temperature had damaged the textile fittings (silk wall-hangings), the precious wooden panelling (Vieux-Laque Room and Millions Room) and the furniture, to give only a few examples.

At the same time the permanent draughts had also introduced moisture into the rooms which also caused serious damage.

This is one of the reasons why Maria Theresa's Great Bed of State in the East Wing has been hermetically sealed and can only be viewed through a glass tunnel. It would not otherwise be possible to preserve the uniquely valuable velvet fabric with its gold embroidery.

Measures such as these are unfortunately imperative if we are to achieve our primary objective of preserving the palace for future generations. Naturally we hope that our visitors will understand and appreciate the necessity of these measures.

Where can I obtain books about Empress Elisabeth?

Books about Empress Elisabeth can be obtained from our souvenir shops and online:
HAMANN Brigitte, "Elisabeth. Kaiserin wider Willen", Verlag Serie Piper
This book is also available in an English translation from Ullstein Verlag, published as "The Reluctant Empress" any good bookshop.


How did Empress Elisabeth spell the short form of her name - Sisi or Sissi?

Elisabeth was called "Sisi within the family, and she herself always spelled her name with one "s". Thus, the correct spelling is "Sisi".
The form "Sissi" comes from the famous series of "Sissi" films from the 1950s starring the young Austrian actress Romy Schneider. For the title of the films the director, Ernst Marischka, used the spelling "Sissi", which is how the name Elisabeth is usually abbreviated in Austria.

Please send me architectural and building plans or sketches.

These plans can be ordered for a charge via email from iby@schoenbrunn.at

We will need your name, address, credit card number and expiry date (payment by VISA or Mastercard onl

Why aren"t there more pictures of the animals in the zoo on your homepage?

The Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. is only responsible for the administration of Schönbrunn Palace and for the architectural features in the gardens and park.

The Zoo is run by the Tiergarten GesmbH. (Director: Dr. Pechlaner) and has its own homepage. On the website of the zoo you can find all the information you're looking for as well as news about the zoo.

Zoo Vienna

Please send me more information about the Japanese Garden and events taking place at the Palm House.

The park and gardens are looked after by the Bundesgärten (Director is Dipl. Ing. Brigitte Mang). This includes the running of the Palm House and the Japanese Garden at Schönbrunn. Please contact the Bundesgärten directly for further information.

Tel.: +43-1-8775087
Fax: +43-1-8775067

Where is the Butterfly House?

The Butterfly House was transferred from the park at Schönbrunn to the Burggarten (1st District) in 1999.

We're travelling with our dog and would like to visit the palace. Can we take our dog into the park?

We regret that dogs may not be taken into either the palace or the gardens.

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