Frequently Asked Questions

How do I best get to Schönbrunn Palace?

Detailed information on how to get here can be found at: http://www.schoenbrunn.at/besucherinfo/anfahrt.html

How do I best get to Schönbrunn Palace by car?

From Vienna Schwechat International Airport, take the A4 (Eastern Motorway) following signs to Vienna (“Wien”), then take the A23 (Southeast Tangent) following signs to Graz, and finally take the Altmannsdorf exit and follow signs Schönbrunn Palace (“Schloß Schönbrunn”)
From the A2 (Southern Motorway), drive towards the centre as far as Altmannsdorf exit and follow signs to Schönbrunn Palace (Schloss Schönbrunn)
From the A1 (Western Motorway), follow directions to the centre as far as the Palace at Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47

Parking facilities can be found at: http://www.apcoa.at/Parkplatz-Schoenbrunn--Garage-34d.html

Are dogs permitted in the Palace and the Palace Park?

Unfortunately, dogs cannot be taken into either the Palace or the Park.

Are bicycles allowed in the Palace Park?

Unfortunately, bicycles cannot be taken into the Park.

I would like to make photos and film recordings in Schönbrunn Palace during opening hours; is this permitted?

During opening hours, filming and photography in the display rooms is forbidden as a matter of principle. For current reporting and documentaries etc., please ask for a filming or photography permit (at least three weeks before planned start) from:

for filming and foto(at)schoenbrunn.at for photos
Please note that advertising films and photos, presentations of any kind (cars, fashion, …) and films and photos for private purposes are not permitted.

I am a photographer and would like to make professional photos in the Palace Park. Am I allowed to?

All filming and photography require a permit. Before beginning filming and photography in Schönbrunn, you need an official permit.
Please send your enquiry to
In addition, photographs of the Schönbrunn site may not be marketed and sold via commercial picture agencies
. Advertising films and photos, and presentations of any kind (cars, fashion, …) are not permitted.

Why is a permit needed for any filming and photography?

The Schönbrunn site is private property subject to the Park Rules displayed and available at any time. The Park Rules and our website make it expressly clear that commercial filming and photography, in particular advertising photography and presentations of any kind, are prohibited in the Schönbrunn Palace site. Photographs of the Schönbrunn site may not be marketed and sold via commercial picture agencies.

I would like to make photos in Schönbrunn Park for my wedding album. Is that permitted?

Photos for private purposes can be taken in the Palace Park without prior notification and free of charge.

However, no photography is permitted in the Palace.

I would like to take my car into the Schönbrunn site. Is that possible?

Driving into the Park area is unfortunately not permitted.

Where can I find the opening hours of Schönbrunn Palace, the Park and the Gloriette?

All current opening hours can be found at:

Are there Park Rules?

The Park Rules for the protection of the historic Schönbrunn Park can be found at:


Can I visit Schönbrunn Palace in a wheelchair?

The Palace (including the Children's Museum on the ground floor) can be visited without barriers by wheelchair users. A lift will take you to the display rooms on the first floor (please inform the person at the ticket office).

There are 3 parking spaces for handicapped persons at the main gate (Schönbrunner Schloßstrasse).

Please feel free to give us advance warning; we will be happy to organise everything for you:


I will be visiting Schönbrunn during the next few weeks; is there any building work going on and any rooms that cannot be viewed for this reason?

Current building activity is regularly updated on our website at:

In what languages are the audioguides available?

We make audioguides available free of charge to our guests in 16 languages, and provide written descriptions in 21 languages. The visitors are given the audioguides after the turnstiles.

You can also download the audioguides to your smartphone in advance:


Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy your tickets online at our e-ticketing shop www.imperial-austria.at kaufen or on site at the ticket office.

The advantages of the online ticket:

•    Credit card or bank transfer

•    You can print the ticket yourself

•    Can be ordered worldwide 24 hours a day

•    No queueing at the ticket office

•    Fast lane direct access

The Palace Park is a very extensive, is there a map that I can see?

The overview map can be found at:


Do I need a ticket for the Palace Park?

You can enter the Palace Park free of charge during opening hours.

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