Schönbrunn Academy

Schloss Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H. has demonstrated since its inception that innovative management, audience-focused marketing and curatorial competence only lead to the creation of profitable synergies in a context of international information exchange and expert staff training. The company is an expert in the field of contemporary and future-orientated management of cultural heritage. Schönbrunn Academy has been established to enable know-how and experience in the field to be transmitted at international level.

ECHONET (European Cultural Heritage Organistations Network)

The network was founded to foster Europe-wide co-operation between historic houses, palaces, castles, museums, other cultural and heritage organisations as well as universities.

Further Information: www.echocast.eu

DLT - Damage Limitation Team

Comprehensive safety measures have been put in place at Schönbrunn Palace to ensure that its visitors, inhabitants and art treasures are preserved from fire damage. The Damage Limitation Team (DLT) was set up as part of these safety measures and presented to the public at a press conference by managing director Dr Kippes on September 19th 2001.

The DLT is a new specialised unit, unique in Europe, whose task is to to preserve valuable works of art in the event of a fire. The team was formed from 25 employees at the palace.

DLT project manager Gabriel Rybier: "We go back into the burning building once everybody else has been evacuated. Parallel to the efforts of the fire services, we use each minute to the full to rescue the most valuable works of art. For this there is a clear priority ranking drawn up by the research department of the palace."

The DLT is alerted via SMS. They change quickly into special clothing and are organised into details according to the specific situation. The operation is coordinated with the officer leading the professional Vienna Fire Brigade. The rescue operation for the art treasures is carried out in four teams: one group takes them down, the second carries them out of the danger zone, a third group packs them while the fourth group secures the surrounding area. Within only a few minutes art treasures with a value of several million euros can be rescued from a state room. The members of the DLT have learnt during their training to pay attention to their own safety. They operate only in smoke-free areas of the building and attend training sessions once a month. Cooperation and joint training exercises with the fire services form an essential part of the DLT project.

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