Restoration of the paintings in the Rosa rooms

Valuable paintings in the Rosa Rooms soon to be returned to their original condition

Rosa Rooms
Rosa Rooms

Joseph von Rosa's landscape paintings in the rooms known as the Rosa Rooms are being restored.

The landscape paintings by the artist Joseph Rosa gave their name to the three Rosa Rooms. Maria Theresa commissioned him to paint 15 in part very large format landscape works for Schönbrunn, which he delivered in 1763/64. The river and mountain landscapes, including an idealised representation of the Habichtsburg, the hereditary seat of the Habsburgs, were mounted in the white and gold wall panelling. Since then, the Rosa Rooms have been amongst the most prestigious rooms of the Noble Étage on the garden side.

In order to ensure the preservation of these works of art, the paintings are to be subjected to professional restoration. Alongside the cleaning and the consolidation of the layers of paint, unsatisfactory retouching work and layers of varnish are to be removed. After this, the paintings can once again be viewed in their original quality.

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