Renovation of the Great Gallery in Schönbrunn Palace

Renovation work
Renovation work
Restorer at work
Restorer at work

Visitors to the Great Gallery are promised an uninterrupted and unhindered programme of visits in spite of necessary renovation work.

In addition to our usual wide-ranging offers and attractions here at Schönbrunn Palace, from February 2010, as visitors make the usual tour of the State Rooms and the Great Gallery, we will be able to offer them a unique and fascinating opportunity to view working practices and restoration techniques involved in maintaining historical treasures. This is a field in which Schönbrunn Palace is internationally acclaimed for its pioneering role.

For the first time in over 100 years the gilding and the precious ceiling frescoes in the Great Gallery will be cleaned, reworked and - where necessary –retouched step by step. The work will cost an estimated € 2.3 million, and will continue until mid 2012. The building substance of the walls will be fortified and then the historic white polished stucco finish will be reconstructed. Our visitors will be able to watch as, step by step, the Great Gallery gradually regains its original brilliance.

Renovation in two stages

In order to maintain the already magnificent overall impression of the Great Gallery throughout the work, these renovations will be carried out in two stages and with maximum consideration for our visitors. Work will begin on the western side, and scaffolding and a working platform will be erected against the walls and ceiling in the area from the Lantern Room halfway along the Great Gallery. Visitors will still have access to an area, which is over six metres widePhotorealistic illustrations of the walls and frescoes will be mounted on the dust protection covers, so that the visiting experience is unaffected and a graphic illustration of the frescoes available at all times. During 2011 the restoration work will move to the eastern half of the Gallery.

The famous chandeliers will remain both visible and lit throughout the duration of the renovation works.

In order to avoid inconvenience to our visitors, mounting and dismantling of the scaffolding will take place outside of opening hours, during the night. Windows into the areas where our conservators are at work will provide visitors with new, surprising and exclusive views of the work being carried out. Interesting information about the building-site experience will be provided on additional notice boards.

We will continue to keep our visitors informed of the current situation. We apologise for the inconvenience and look forward to welcoming many interested visitors.

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