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There is a free Wi-Fi hotspot inside Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace, Freewave free Wi-Fi

How to use Freewave

  1. Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to Freewave.
  2. Launch your Webbrowser
    the Freewave welcome page appears.
  3. Click “Connect” — done!


Tickets & Tours

Imperial Tour Ticket

22 rooms
c. 30-40 minutes
€ 12,90 / € 9,50

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Imperial Tour

This tour will give you a picture of the different stylistic eras of the imperial monarchy and the lifes of the palace´s inhabitants. You will see the state rooms and private apartments of Franz Joseph and Sisi.

Details on Imperial Tour

Grand Tour Ticket

40 rooms
c. 50-60 minutes
€ 15,90 / € 10,50

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Grand Tour

Besides the state rooms and private apartments of the imperial couple you´ll also see the precious 18th-century interiors from the time of Maria Theresia.

Details on Grand Tour

Sisi Ticket

c. 1 day
€ 28,00 / € 16,50

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Sisi Ticket

1 ticket for 3 imperial attractions:
Schönbrunn Palace
Imperial Furniture Collection
Vienna Hofburg with the Imperial Apartments, Sisi Museum and the Imperial Silver Colletion - You save up to 25 %!

Details on Sisi Ticket

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