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  • Privy Garden
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    The exhibition is accompanied by the Twitter account twitter.com/ww1austria, which will publish images, quotations and analyses on the First World War.

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  • Bergl rooms

    The Bergl Rooms with its breathtaking mural paintings are one of the jewels of Schönbrunn Palace and has been open exclusively for groups!

    Tour of the Berg rooms

  • Vieux Laque room




On the occasion of the emperor's 100th date of death, there will be a special exhibition taking place on the 16th March 2016 on 4 different locations in Vienna and Lower...

Jörg Greifeneder gives useful tips for various drawing & painting techniques using the example of Schönbrunn Palace. Online available.

The “Conferences in Austria” platform classifies seminar and conference centres into 15 categories based on over 400 criteria. The Apothecaries’ Wing, the conference...



Schloss Hof

Teaserbild Schloss Hof

Welcome to the joie de vivre of the baroque world! Only an hour's drive from Vienna in the eastern “Marchfeld” you will find Schloss Hof. This palace is a Gesamtkunstwerk and covers more than 120 acres of land. The former Imperial country residence was one of the most glorious palaces in the Habsburg lands. In 1726 it was acquired by the legendary general Prince Eugene of Savoy who had it completely redesigned so that it later became the largest country palace estate under the reign of the Empress Maria Theresia. Imperial glory and rural idyll come together as a unique combination of an aristocratic palace, a magnificent terraced garden and a tranquil estate farm. Even in Eugene's time Schloss Hof was widely known as a place of splendid occasions, and today we continue this tradition of opulent entertainment with numerous festivities and events.

Schloss Hof


Schönbrunn Palace

Imperial attractions in the Palace and the gardens

Schönbrunn Palace is a World Cultural Heritage site and Austria's most-visited sight. The baroque total work of art consisting of palace and gardens was for centuries the property of the Habsburgs and is today largely in its original condition. Visitors will find numerous attractions here, from a tour through the authentically furnished residential and ceremonial rooms of the Imperial Family in the palace, to the maze and the labyrinth in the gardens and a separate Children's Museum.

Temporary exhibition: Franz Joseph (1830-1916)

The 21 November 2016 will mark the centenary of the death of Emperor Franz Joseph, who ruled over the Habsburg Monarchy for sixty-eight years. This exhibition will take a critical approach to exploring the personality of the emperor. Divided into a number of different focal themes, this large-scale temporary exhibition will take place in four different locations in Vienna and Lower Austria.

Welt der Habsburger
Welt der Habsburger

The World of the Habsburgs

The World of the Habsburgs is a virutal exhibition showcasing the history of the Habsburgs and their times. More than a thousand images accompanied by multimedia presentation of texts, maps, a genealogical table and a navigalbe timeline, will open up completely new contexts and connections. 

World of the Habsburgs

Virtual journey to the time of the First World War

Online exhibition at www.habsburger.net/ersterweltkrieg presents new approaches to history

You'll find more than 1.000 pictures and original documents as well as about 70 research topics. Due to the website's innovate design, users are able to find their own way into history. Most of the website content is available in English, and it will be fully translated shortly.


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